Ancient & Modern Army Supplies

Ordering Painted Miniatures

There are many variables that can affect a painted miniatures order. Therefore,  we ask you to contact us before placing your order. We can discuss and clarify your requirements before preparing a detailed quote for your consideration.

How to get a quote

Before requesting a quote, we would ask you to consider the following:

  • The army and approximate date for which you are collecting
  • Figure scale and any preferred figure suppliers
  • The painting quality required (Standard or Superior)
  • An army list showing:
    • The detail of each figure type or model required (eg for Ancients - Regular/drilled, Psiloi/LF armed with a sling or for WWII -  Item reference numbers from the Battlefront catalogue at
    • Number of each figure type or model require
  • Any specific requirements (eg unit or uniform colours, wire weapons, use of paper flags or  transfers, etc)
  • Basing requirements
    • Rule set to be used
    • Basing plan (bases per unit  & figures per base)
    • Arid or temperate terrain dressing

      Then contact us with the relevant information and your

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number 
  • Email address

 How to place an order
Please contact us with your quote details. A deposit, normally about 33% of the quoted order value, will be required before we can accept and process your order.  For payment options, please see make a payment. All painting orders will be acknowledged by an 'Order Confirmation'.

Delivery of Your Painted Order

Once your order is completed, we will contact you to arrange delivery and send you your final invoice. Note, the value of the final invoice will be based on the actual work done and the delivery method chosen. On receipt of your final payment, your order will be delivered as arranged.

For more information on delivery/shipping charges, please see terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

1. All quotes and estimates are given in good faith and are based on the information available at the time. We reserve the right to modify our quotes and estimates if unanticipated work is required or revealed. The final invoice amount will be calculated on the actual work done.

2. Once a quote has been accepted by the client, to progress the order further, we require a deposit of at least 33% of the projected order value. The balance, as shown on the final invoice, will fall due when the figures are ready for dispatch to the client

3. The minimum order value is £150 excluding shipping, order handling and packing charges

4. The charge for shipping is calculated on the order value before any discounts or other reductions are applied. Shipping is charged at 5% of order value for delivery within the UK (min £10.00), 10% of order value for delivery within Continental Europe (min £20.00), and 20% of order value for delivery to the rest of the world (min £40.00). If arrangements are made to collect the figures from a trade show, a charge of 2% (min £4.00) of order value is levied for order handling and packing. Delivery is arrange via courier or the Post Office’s special delivery service

5. All goods delivered via courier or the Post Office’s special delivery service is at the client’s risk. We will take due care to pack goods as carefully as possible to prevent damage, but due to the fragile nature of the product, we can’t accept any responsibility for goods damaged in transit (note we attend many trade shows all over the country and arrangements to collect goods from one of these events or our premises is recommended)

6. If based figures or models are to be shipped via a courier or the Post Office’s special delivery service, the client will be billed for packing cases. The cases contain preformed sponge trays, which offer good protection to the figures and models, and can be used for ongoing storage. The cases are charged at £25.00 each

7. The preferred method of payment for painted orders is by bank transfer or cheque from a UK bank account. Payments made via Paypal (including credit card via Paypal) or by a bank transfer from an overseas bank account will attract a 3% admin fee

8. For goods shipped abroad, the client will be responsible for any import duty or tax that may be due to local authorities for importing the goods